How to Become a 3D Animator? | Techniques, Tools, and More

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Animating in 3D has become more popular over the years, and there are plenty of said job opportunities out there. If you have thought about becoming a 3D animator, there are a few things you should consider. This article will cover the basics of the profession.

Naturally, as with any job, you will have to work on your skills. However, there are also some tips and tricks that can help guide you.

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1. Master the basics

Of course, you should be acquainted with the bottom of the profession before you reach the top. The basics of 3D animation can be found in many tutorials. The tutorials are available either in the form of various books on the subject or in video format.

You could also learn from 2D animation and take some tips from there since it can also apply to 3D animation. You will have to work on it for quite a while, but it’ll all be worth it.

Another strategy you can try to make the most out of is visiting 3D animation-specialized forums. There, you can ask any question you like, and best of all, get some feedback. By getting constructive criticism, you can know what to pay extra attention to in the future and work on your weak spots.

2. Get to know various animation tools

There are plenty of different 3D animation tools at your disposal. The most popular ones include Cinema 4D, Blender, K-3D, and so on. Naturally, whichever software you opt for, you should know they all offer the basic features. However, some of them offer unique features that are extremely useful for niches within the 3D animation community.


You can check those out once you have tried a few of them out and then see which one fits you and your style of work the best. So, in the end, you can pick your favorite one and stick to it.

If you want a tip, Blender is probably the best one to start out with. It’s free and has plenty of features you can test your skills with.

3. The most valuable attributes to have

Sure, being able to draw well can’t hurt, right? But, who says you have to be the next Picasso to get into 3D animation. There are more valuable skills that will come in handy if you plan on continuing with the profession and honing your skills, though. They are:

a) creativity – if you can think outside of the box, it’s a great way to find your unique style which is always well appreciated and welcome in all forms of art, including 3D animation

b) curiosity – if you are interested in how things work and are willing to do some research. We’re talking about the way 3D movement works, from head to toe, along with extra small details of animation you’re working on

c) good communication skills – if you get good enough to get hired, you will most likely be working in a team of 3D animators, and other professions. Differences of opinion are almost impossible to avoid in creative projects. So, keep your head in the game and try to work everything out slowly and calmly

4. Get Experience

You might want to work for the biggest 3D animation firms, but that doesn’t come that easily. Like any other company, they won’t hire someone they know nothing about. So, to even try out for those big names, you have to make a name for yourself first. Do some small projects and work your way up. This way, you will be climbing the ladder slowly, but surely.


3D animation can be very exciting, but it can also be very difficult to get a hang of. If you genuinely enjoy it though, you will definitely be motivated enough to dedicate your time to honing your skills. It’s all trial and error, so try out various tools and see which ones you like best. Work on completely different projects to find your style, and see what fits you best.

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