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10+ Best Hosting Services in Indonesia [Really Cheap]

The best web hosting service in Indonesia. In this article I will provide a complete review of some of the best web hosting service companies in Indonesia that you should use to host blog sites, personal websites, online shop websites, business websites, company websites, school websites, pesantren websites, organizational websites , party website, AGC website, company profile website, website […]
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How to fix a WordPress internal server error

How to Fix WordPress Internal Server Error - If you frequently surf visiting websites you may have seen the HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. Internal Server Error is one of the most common errors that occur in WordPress, if you find an Internal Server Error on your WordPress site, don't panic. Because these problems are often [...]
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How to Configure WordPress Settings

In this article I will explain in full about how to configure WordPress settings in the "Settings" menu, but this discussion is specifically for self-hosted WordPress users or not for free WordPress on After you install WordPress the first time, by default WordPress will bring some settings that you need to configure with [...]
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