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10 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Lacking Visitors

When you've started a blog up and running for a few months but it's still low on visitors, this is certainly the case for many blog owners. Even you feel like you did everything right, however, you never get 1,000 unique visitors per month and only some of your posts get search traffic. If any of your posts don't […]
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Easy Ways to Optimize Website SEO Ranking With SEO Checklist

Easy Ways to Optimize Your Website's SEO Ranking With SEO Checklist - Currently competing in Google's first page rank is not easy, in addition to many competitors, there are also many people who already understand SEO. For those of you who are just getting into the online world, especially content marketing, you don't need to worry about the competition. You […]
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12 Best SEO Strategies for Trending 2021

When online competition continues to increase. Plus so many new websites that have appeared. It is important to rethink your business's SEO and Content Marketing strategy. Investing in SEO, it seems, remains an important factor. SEO strategy is very important for the future. Regardless, you may use Professional SEO services or have a team […]
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The Right Way to Use H1 – H6 SEO Heading Tags

The Right Way to Use H1 - H6 SEO Heading Tags - As we know in the writing format on a website or blog there are heading tags (H1 to H6), these heading tags are important to use in any web document for content structure. By using Heading Tags, we can distinguish content from page content as a marker of a title, sub […]
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ConveyThis Translate – A Plugin for Translating Your WordPress Website

When you create a website for either business purposes or a website for any purpose and you want to get visits from various countries, all you have to do is make your website support multiple languages. Creating a multilingual website does have many benefits, besides visitors can easily understand the content of your content, it can also […]
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10 Ways to Write Good and Correct SEO Friendly Articles

For those of you who want or are working in the field of content writers or copy writers on blogs / websites, you must be familiar with the term SEO friendly. Especially if you are a blogger who is in the world of internet marketing or online business, then SEO is an integral part of your blogging activities. Actually, SEO stands for […]
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Review and Documentation of the Best Selling Revenue Plus WordPress Themes √

The WordPress Revenue Plus theme is a WordPress theme for bloggers who want to maximize revenue from advertising, especially AdSense ads. This theme is really good in terms of a minimalist, clean and modern two-column design. This theme is also very light and fast to load, so it doesn't leave your visitors waiting long. There are many themes of Revenue Plus […]
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