How to Build an Engaging Website With Fun Games

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If you want to build a website to get your message out and promote your offer, consider adding fun games to the mix.  It will entertain and engage your visitors. Besides keeping people on your website longer, it could indirectly help you to promote your products or services. Ultimately, you’ll increase sales over time if you provide your visitors with higher customer satisfaction.

Wondering how to create a website with exciting games available on it for your visitors?

First, we’ll talk about how it’s possible to use an application programming interface (API) sourced from Alexa. Next, we’ll discuss how to build a beautiful website with WordPress quickly.  And then, we’ll suggest how to build an online business using games as an email opt-in magnet.

How to Add Alexa Games to Your Website

With Alexa Web API for Games, you can bring popular games like The Price is Right to life on your own website. Yes, that’s right — people will be able to play the Price is Right game at home.

First, you’ll need to put Alexa Skill Kit (ASK) directives in place — these are instructions for what the game should do. You can also use ASK to create a natural, conversational user experience.

Once the basics are set up, you can use HTML and other web tech to add audio and visuals that bring your game to life. You’ll also need to create logic behind how players interact with the game, such as deciding what questions they will probably ask and how the game should respond.

Finally, you’ll need to verify that your code is optimized for Alexa-enabled devices such as Echo Show or Fire TV. This means testing out different screen sizes, audio formats, and more. With some skillful coding, you can create engaging multimodal gaming experiences that your players won’t be able to put down.

While all this will make perfect sense to you if you’re into coding, what if that’s not your thing? In that case, hire a programmer and pass these instructions on to them. They will work out the details to enable you to complete your game installation project.

How to Build a WordPress Website

Ready to build a fantastic WordPress-based website without needing to learn PHP, the programming and scripting language?

It’s easy enough to do on your own. You won’t need to hire a web developer. Just use the WP Page Builder plugin.

Next, grab a WordPress theme to give your website the look and feel you want. Usually, paid themes are much more attractive and dynamic than free versions.

Now it’s time to install plugins to help your site run smoothly and serve its purpose (whatever it may be).

Finally, add some content—text, images, videos—and tweak the design until you’re happy with it.

All done? You’ve just built a stunning website. Now, how are you going to make money from it?

How to Tie in Your Free Games With Your Business Offer

First, pick your niche. Figure out what you’re passionate about and who you want to serve. This will help you create an offer that stands out from the competition and resonates with your potential customers.

Next, use your games as a lead magnet for those who join your email list. Aside from giving people access to your games, you won’t need to monetize the games in any way.

Instead, you’ll make your living from home by building a relationship with your subscribers and promoting your offers through email marketing campaigns.

Reach out to your list regularly, so they remember you. Include engaging content, discounts or special deals, or even more games. In short, do whatever it takes to get them excited about your offer.

Take Bold Action Now for a Bright Future

Don’t sit back and wait for success to come; rather, take action today. With perseverance and commitment, you can achieve lofty online business-building goals that may have once seemed unattainable. And who knows? A bright, prosperous future could be just within arm’s reach.

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