Top Eight SaaS Analytics Tools for 2022

Top Eight SaaS Analytics Tools for 2022

Data monetization isn’t just for big businesses anymore. Information gathering and analysis for business or website growth has never been easier. Thanks to relatively inexpensive software and simple-to-use solutions that support drag-and-drop, you can monitor your progress every minute. 

An in-depth data analysis can reveal the current health of your website, such as real-time information on your visitor’s demographics, interests, and purchasing habits. These can be financial or sales results. These also might be social media indications like how many “likes” you have on Facebook, tweets, or follows.

In addition, you can use analytics tools to view interactive data visualizations that show critical information like usage and adoption patterns. Examine the information since it adjusts to the settings you specify in real-time. 

ServiceNow Power BI integration helps track personalized metrics, KPI, and overall team performance in real-time by scheduling refreshes and also visualizing team contribution to the overall result.

1. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is the most helpful tool many people utilize to track and examine website traffic. If you want to be effective online, this tool is a must-have, especially if you are engaged in e-commerce.

According to the data you can read from Google Analytics, you will know who your visitors are. It displays their age, gender, location, and more. What they are specifically looking for on your website, how they found you, how often they come back, and much other information that will be crucial to advance your online business.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce is best known for its CRM system. The great thing is that they also have an analytics tool named Einstein Analytics. The artificial intelligence-powered solution assists SaaS marketers in automating their study of critical indicators.

You can easily visualize the user experience. That allows you to focus on outcomes rather than data points. Users who aren’t as interested in the detailed data will access the information they need without becoming buried in mounds of data.

3. Baremetrics

Baremetrics provides metrics, forecasts, analytics, insights, and engagement tools for different organizations that can help get meaningful insight into the website. It can provide you with crucial business data and information from MRR, LTV, and much more.

Plus, The Baremetrics Tool People Insights adds your customers to your tool’s dashboard. This application will automatically update your customer profiles with different information. You will know their geolocation, their names, and email addresses.

4. ChartMogul 

ChartMogul is a subscription analytics software. It is one of the only SaaS platforms that provide specialized mobile membership statistics. A lot of website owners love to use it as it can assist you in running your membership business.

Their objective is to create powerful and secure cloud technology and they focus on subscription businesses of all kinds. All of the major subscription billing providers are integrated into their products. Moreover, ChartMogul is beginner-friendly as all you have to do is link your service. After you are connected, it will assemble all of the data for you.

5. TapClicks

TapClicks allows businesses to combine various marketing data from several platforms into a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Its advantage is the systematic and integrated view of the overall advertising strategies.

Also, TapClicks provides a comprehensive set of services. Some of the most popular features include analytics and reporting. It allows you to convert real-time data into professional reporting tools and you can link your statistics with one click.

6. Adaptive Insight

Adaptive Insights is the world’s leading provider of corporate performance management software (CPM). It has many valuable features that can help you optimize your business and allow you to interact throughout the organization without any trouble.

All of your critical SaaS KPIs and essential success factors may be planned using their innovative software. Furthermore, Adaptive Insights is just one of those cloud-based SaaS reporting systems.

7. HubSpot

Analyze website traffic data with HubSpot’s traffic analytics tool. This tool can monitor traffic by source, subject cluster, and device type. There are also other features that you can take into consideration.

In addition, HubSpot uses the domain that leads a user to your website to track every session and bring completed data. If you have an additional website, you can add the tracking code. That way, HubSpot can track your visits.

8. Intercom

Intercom has specific customer information capabilities. They are making it easier for SaaS marketing to gain a complete view of their customers. You can easily segment them and filter them based on their behavior and qualities.

Also, you can get all that with this tool, in addition to its most well-known function. It keeps track of different important. Intercom allows you to define and monitor custom data properties about your users and leads. This information can be used to classify and categorize customers. Plus, you can do all that based on business-specific criteria that you need.


These tools allow you to access a large amount of helpful information about traffic sources, the behavior of site visitors, the ways they consume content, and how they convert. Be sure to use them to your advantage.

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