How to Hide Instagram Following & Followers List – 2023

The question of privacy has become one of the greatest worries of the whole human race due to the modern technology and devices that follow our every step. Social networks do not help either, but, on the contrary, disable the preservation of one’s privacy.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks which counts more than 1,2 billion users all over the world, so pretty much anyone can tackle your account. No matter how big and widely spread Instagram is, they still haven’t brought some stronger measures regarding privacy settings. So, if one wants to keep their following and followers list a secret, there is no easy way to accomplish that. You will rather need to use some old-school tricks to disable the user from seeing your content and following and followers list, as well.

In this short guide, we will show you what are the most efficient ways to hide your following and followers list from other Instagram users and keep your privacy intact from any intruders or unwanted accounts.

Can You Hide Your Instagram Following and Followers List?

Instagram has not yet officially allowed the hiding of the list of your followers and accounts you follow. However, there are a few things you can do to make sure that not everyone can see these two lists on your profile. Sadly, no option can make your following and followers list invisible to other users in only one click, so you will have to take more steps to get a wanted outcome and keep your account safe and private.

Can You Hide Followers on Business Account?

Even if you switch your account to a business one, you will still not be able to hide your following and followers lists. Moreover, everyone will be able to see the exact number of your followers and the accounts that you follow on Instagram.

How to Hide Your Followers and Following List?

Until now you have probably realized that Instagram is pretty limited when it comes to this privacy option, but now we will show you a great alternative to hiding those lists from other accounts.

Alternative No. 1: Switch to a Private Account

The most efficient way to limit other users from invading your privacy in terms of seeing your following and followers list is to switch your account to a private mode. When you do so, only your followers will be allowed to see your followers and the accounts you follow. The rest of the Instagram accounts will only see the numbers, but will not be able to check the lists. Moreover, your content will also be much safer since only your followers will be able to see it.

To switch to a private mode, go to Instagram and open your profile. After that, click on the three horizontal lines which are placed in the upper-right corner. After that, select Settings. In Settings, you will see Privacy and Security. Click on the box next to Private Account to switch your mode.

Alternative No. 2: Block or Remove the User

If you still feel like some accounts should not be able to see your following or followers list, you can do one of the following. Firstly, you can simply remove the user from your list of followers, but keep in mind that the user will still see the number of your followers. The second option is to block the account, which will disable the user from seeing your account in total. In other words, he won’t be able to find your account at all.


Although there is no straightforward way to hide your following and followers list from all users, there are some good alternatives. You can make your account private, remove the user or even block it according to your preferences. Switching to a private mode is always recommendable because it will make you much safer while using Instagram.  

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