How to Repost on Instagram: Ways to Reshare Content From Other Users

how to repost on instagram ways to reshare content from other users

Whether you have no idea what to post on your Instagram next, or you just want to make use of the marketing strategy it brings, you might have thought about reposting. Either way, this article will explain the benefits of reposting as well as how to do it.

Reposting can be a bit tricky, though. You have to know exactly what, when, and why. It has a lot of advantage, and makes your job a whole lot easier.

Basically, reposting is posting content created by other Instagram users on your profile. It includes content that has to do with your line of work or your niche. By reposting, you keep your audience’s engagement rate high while saving a lot of time and effort.

So, it’s a good strategy to keep your followers satisfied while not constantly breaking your back to post something to keep them engaged.

Let’s get down to how exactly you should repost.

1. Get the Original Posters’ Permission

Stealing content is not okay, so of course you should only post content you’re the creator of or get permission to post someone else’s. It says it all in Instagram’s guidelines, but it should be kind of an unwritten rule either way. Copywriting laws are rough, so try not to get all up in that. Just contact the creator you want to repost from, and get their permission somehow.

2. Find Content to Repost

Take a bit of time to browse through Instagram and check out the content you may want to consider reposting. This can include images or videos you find good enough to post on your own feed.

Make it easier for yourself by using hashtags that are relevant to your industry or brand and you will surely find something worthwhile. This can also help you find your potential customers who use the same hashtags.

3. Pick a Repost Application

Best Instagram Automation Tools to Help Boost Your Engagement

There are plenty of applications that can make the process of reposting way easier for you. Sprout Social and Repost being only two of those.

4. Find the Share URL

Go to the post you would like to repost and click the triple dots in the upper right corner of it to get to the post’s share URL. Simply copy it and put it into the reposting application of your choice.

5. Edit the Post

These applications usually allow for editing of all sorts, such as the use of filters. Sometimes you even get a preview of how the post will turn out before you repost it. So, make use of those simple but nifty features.


Remember, keep the reposting relevant to your line of industry and your brand. Sometimes, it’s just easier to just repost so you can keep your followers engaged. However, you surely wouldn’t want to overdo it, either. Try to keep your content high-quality, so keep an eye on exactly what content you repost, too. Not to mention you should always credit the original poster, and ask for their permission.

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