How to Create Your Instagram Content Plan

How to Create Your Instagram Content Plan

Do you want to know how to prepare Instagram content ahead of time without spending hours at your computer? You’re not by yourself!

Finding time to plan, produce, schedule, and optimize your Instagram content may be difficult for busy companies seeking to make a name for themselves on Instagram. Fortunately, there are numerous techniques for streamlining your procedure and saving time which we will explain.

Create a Visual Board

Most people think of brand books or style guides as just typeface and color decisions — an essential part of it. However, because Instagram is primarily based on social interaction, your style guide should be a bit more complicated. That is why you require an Instagram visual identity board!

With this in mind, it’s critical to establish a visual identity board to assist you in better planning Instagram content, which includes more than simply photographs and specifies what you want to publish to spark the conversations your audience is interested in.

The purpose of your visual identity board is to serve as a reference while building your content plan. So, for each picture, caption, IGTV, reel, and even meme post, you can check whether it is consistent and accurate for your brand identity.

One way you can create your visual identity is by using Pinterest. It gives an excellent range of various forms of content material from which you may select your suitable fit.  Share it with your entire team or save it to a file for easy access when it’s time to create your content.

Even if you have prepared your material earlier, you need to bring it together, so it seems “at the moment.” Leave some postings without captions so you can also additionally upload them later in actual time.

Another alternative is to utilize Instagram Stories to keep your content as sparkling and current as possible. Instagram may also assist you in determining how well your content will perform once it’s been released. Also, observe the different key activities trending on Instagram.

Choose the Right Headings and Captions

The next step is to add captions. Allow for numerous postings to run without captions so that you may add them in real-time to boost your post. Spend some time in the morning or whenever you feel inspired to write the captions. Go to your favorite café shop, take a nice hot cup of coffee and listen to the music for inspiration or look around you.

After you’ve finished revising your captions, consider which hashtags to use. Don’t be afraid to use hashtags. You can even use a hashtag manager to add relevant hashtags to your posts.  Plus, make multiple groups and select the best hashtags in your posts, primarily based on the content.

Plan and Schedule Instagram Posts

You have the option of posting to Instagram once a week, twice a week, or for a consistent day of the week. The most important thing is that you continuously show up for your Instagram followers. How else are you supposed to create relationships?

Nothing is more frustrating than discovering an Instagram account with great content that hasn’t posted in months. Such profiles immediately drag people off. Thus, maintaining a publication schedule as part of your content strategy can strengthen your audience’s dependence on you and confidence in your company.

A huge list of tools can help you with your scheduling. However, we’ll go through a few of them now, but feel free to do a deep dive to discover the one that works best for you or your business.


Canva’s Pro package includes a content planner. It’s close to an all-in-one platform to create your Instagram post layout and plan your Instagram content.


Later is a social media scheduling app for your favorite social media apps, especially Instagram. It provides free access to up to 30 monthly posts for free users, which is excellent news if you publish once a day.


Tailwind allows you to organize your Instagram feed with nine grid previews: Instagram’s layouts. It may be used on a desktop computer, through a mobile app, or on a tablet. It will help you to plan out your Instagram posts for the following weeks.

Moreover, the tool delivers actionable insights to assist you in learning quicker, going deeper, and identifying trends. It features an intelligent calendar that can automatically schedule Instagram posts, stories, and videos for you with a few clicks. It also allows you to set specific publication dates and hours, which takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation.

Measure Your Results

Measurement is critical if you want to save money on marketing while increasing your reach to your target prospect. Your content performs well at various stages of the sales funnel:

  • Increases awareness
  • Engages your followers
  • Produces leads
  • generates sales

As a result, your statistic should help you deeper analyze content success throughout all phases. Keep an eye out for the following—profile visits and tags in other accounts, as well as the usage of your brand hashtags; likes, comments, and tagging friends in your posts generate sales (with Instagram Shoppable posts or via the link in bio).

In addition, set specific targets for each statistic and evaluate profile performance weekly. Then, select the best-performing posts and consider why they performed so well. Consider simulating them.


Creating an effective content plan for a fast-paced and visually-rich social media network like Instagram is easier said than done.

Following these couple of recommendations should assist you in developing a content strategy that will help you enhance your brand’s reach and conversions on Instagram. Make changes to your content strategy to stay up with evolving social media trends.

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