Top 3 Cheap and Best VPS Hosting in Indonesia 2020

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Top 3 Cheap and Best VPS Hosting in Indonesia 2020 – What type of hosting do you need? Is VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting you are looking for? Where can I get Cheap VPS Hosting? The web hosting server is the place to host your website. Hosting is what will determine how your site is loaded and displayed and […]

Top 3 Cheap and Best VPS Hosting in Indonesia 2020 – What type of hosting do you need? Is VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting you are looking for? Where can I get Cheap VPS Hosting?

The web hosting server is the place to host your website. Hosting is what will determine how your site is loaded and displayed and what determines whether your website will always be online when you and others visit your website. The hosting service also determines whether your website will function efficiently if your website experiences a traffic spike.

If your website is currently experiencing a large increase in traffic and your website is often interrupted and very slow to access, it could be because the type of hosting you are currently using must be upgraded to a higher package or to another type of hosting. However, before you decide on this, it would be nice if you do your research first and only choose a web hosting service provider that is really good and meets your needs.

The most common types of hosting that you should know about are shared hosting, dedicated servers, or virtual private servers (VPS).

Dedicated hosting (Dedicated Server) is the best type of hosting of the best, and offers the best hosting facilities for websites with high traffic or can handle very high traffic. However, this type of hosting is very expensive.

Shared hosting is the most widely used type of hosting and is the main choice for website owners, it is very easy to use and you can get this hosting at a very low price. However, these shared hosting plans can result in your website being slow and inflexible lacking the power and level of functionality required for a business website.

The two types of hosting above are certainly not a good choice for you, and one suitable type of hosting is of course VPS hosting.

This VPS Hosting option is better than shared hosting. VPS offers significant benefits, and while not nearly as powerful as a dedicated hosting type, it almost has the capabilities of dedicated hosting.

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What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server) or virtual private server refers to virtual servers.

In a VPS hosting environment, the hosting service is set up to emulate the hosting of a Dedicated server with the only difference being the VPS hosting built in a somewhat divided environment. You can think of VPS hosting like an apartment.

However, please note that VPS hosting unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting gives you control over the operating system, applications and extensions installed and every other setting. If a VPS is like an apartment, shared hosting is like a rented house.

Also, VPS hosting plans allocate good hosting resources like storage space, RAM and CPU cores, for your own use. Hence, a VPS hosting plan can mean it has the capacity to handle high traffic spikes.

You should also know that the VPS plan comes with standard tools like cPanel. You need cPanel to monitor your site and also to configure your website.

Note that even with access to cPanel, the best VPS hosting providers can manage servers and websites. You can monitor your website for things like crashes and then fix these problems as soon as you detect them.

Whereas in shared hosting, when there is a crash and there is a problem on the server side, you cannot do the repair yourself. You can only do limited configuration only on your website via cPanel.

In addition, in the list of cheap Indonesian VPS hosting, which I will share below, all of them already use Cloud VPS technology, where in cloud VPS hosting, the servers in the data center are divided into virtual parts that have a dedicated process. Each virtual server has its own resources such as the operating system, bandwidth, and disk space so that changes made by other users will not affect the performance of your website. So, Cloud VPS provides a special place to install applications and use all Cloud VPS resources itself (not shared with other users).

How Much Does VPS Hosting Cost?

Well, for the matter of VPS hosting costs, of course it varies depending on the respective hosting service provider and the price also depends on the VPS package and the VPS hosting specifications you choose. But the average price of the best VPS hosting in Indonesia is offered at low prices starting from Rp. 100,000 per month.

If you are looking for cheap VPS hosting, you will find a great many hosting service providers you will find. But determining the best for your website needs is not easy, because every hosting service provider claims to be the best.

In addition, mistakes in choosing a VPS hosting service will cause your website to experience many problems such as a slow website, lack of customer support and many more. Here so that you don’t experience errors in choosing a cheap but good quality VPS hosting, I will provide 3 of the best cheap VPS hosting services in Indonesia that you can use to host your business website and be able to cope with visitor spikes, besides that they also have professional customer support and ready to help solve your problem quickly.


Niagahoster hosting vps terbaik dan murah

Niagahoster is a web hosting service provider company that is relatively new and was established in 2013, but this hosting company is growing rapidly because the services they provide are also extraordinary with a complete hosting package, one of which we discuss this time is VPS hosting. cheap. They advertise in various places so that they are quickly recognized, currently Niagahoster has served more than 29 million customers in 178 countries. Niagahoster web hosting services come with a 99.9% server uptime quality guarantee, and 24-hour support and cheap hosting prices by providing stable, fast and easy web hosting services.

Cheap VPS Hosting provided by Niagahoster starts at 104 thousand per month with the most expensive price of 630 thousand per month, and advertisers also very often provide attractive promos and discounts, and here are the advantages and features of cheap VPS hosting for niagahoster:

  • Dedicated IP address
  • Full root access
  • Various control panel options
  • Data loss protection with RAID-10
  • More than 50 OS choices, from CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, to Fedora
  • 100Mb / S network link with 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Migration assistance to cPanel VPS
  • Burstable RAM 2X the size of dedicated RAM
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Cloud System with SSD
  • 99.98% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free VPS Migration Assistance
  • TUN / TAP for VPN
  • Easy Resource Upgrade
  • Routine VPS Monitoring and Backup with 1-Click Snapshot

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IDCloudhost hosting vps murah terbaik indonesia

IDCloudHost (PT Cloud Hosting Indonesia) is an SSD Cloud Hosting based Web Hosting Provider service company that has the aim of always keeping the website online and fast when accessed from various countries. Currently, there are several main data centers that you can use by subscribing to IDCloudHost hosting services. This hosting company also has many complete hosting packages that make it easy for you to upgrade when you need an even more reliable server.

Cheap VPS hosting provided by IDCloudHost is divided into two different packages with each of the cheapest prices starting from 100 thousand per month. IDCloudhost VPS Hosting is an SSD VPS Server and SAS VPS Server.

This VPS SSD Pro is supported by the Latest HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays Technology with 100 times faster access times and higher I / O speeds than VPS SSDs and low failure rates with guaranteed 99.99% Uptime for Website and Application needs.

SAS VPS offers more power and performance when a system is running at very high traffic. This technology is certainly very suitable for ensuring that your system is continuously active and safe with 300% faster power than normal VPS.

Advantages and Features of Idcloudhost Cheap VPS:

  • OpenIXP connectivity up to 10 Gbps, IIX APJII up to 1 Gbps and CDIX (Cyber Data Center) up to 1 Gbps for national / domestic access
  • Supported with Regional peering SGIX up to 1Gbps, and several Global Internet exchanges so that your server can be accessed fast from abroad.
  • Direct access to servers from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Cloudflare and Alibaba via a CDN network with connection speeds up to 1 Gbps.
  • Manage Server VPS System Services.
  • Connect to SSH to VPS directly using a browser.
  • Complete Backup / Restores Backup and restore entire containers with one click
  • Resource Monitorings, Monitoring CPU, RAM, disk space.
  • Management of your server in full (full) and flexible.
  • Flexibility of Root Access
  • Solid-State Drive (SSD)
  • Unlimited Domain
  • Premium Bandwidth Unmetered
  • Enterprise-grade Server
  • Virtual Server Manager
  • Scale and Resize
  • KVM virtualization
  • Multiple Linux OS & IPs
  • Uptime Guarantee of up to 99.99%.

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domainesia hosting murah indonesia terbaik

DomaiNesia is the third hosting service company on this list, where domainesia makes it easy for you to register domains and purchase web hosting. Domainesia focuses on quality without reducing costs. Starting as a small startup company, domainesia has grown to become one of the leading players in the web hosting industry.

Since 2009, DomaiNesia has been providing reliable, scalable and secure web hosting solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Domainesia always strives to provide the best experience to customers by utilizing an effective and efficient automation system to eliminate hassles. Domainesia also provides a fairly complete hosting package and one of them is cheap VPS hosting in Indonesia with prices starting at 100 thousand per month by adopting a cloud system like the two hosting companies above.

The following are some of the advantages and features of cheap Indonesian VPS hosting provided by Domainesia:

  • Instant Spin: Deploy and spin VM instances to gain root access in less than 40 seconds!
  • Native SSD: All instances use SSD storage for high performance and IOPS
  • Latest Technologies: Intel Xeon E5 ensures high compute performance and compatibility with the latest technologies

Domainesia Cheap VPS Hosting Features

  • Solid-State Drive (SSD): 100% enterprise SSD delivers lightning-fast server performance with high IOPS.
  • Enterprise-grade Server: Enterprise-grade servers provide guaranteed security to run applications that are vital to business continuity (mission-critical).
  • Virtual Server Manager:KVM-based virtualization technology provides consistent server performance and resource isolation for a high level of security.
  • Scale and Resize: Allows for easier and faster VPS upgrade options as needed.
  • KVM virtualization: Various paid software licenses are available such as CloudLinux, and Softaculous (free).
  • Multiple Linux OS: Presenting various alternative OS options such as CentOS, Ubuntu , Debian, and custom OS to accommodate various needs.

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And those are the top three hosting companies that provide the best hosting services with cheap VPS hosting in Indonesia that you can use. If you feel that you don’t need a VPS hosting package, you can use a shared hosting package or cloud hosting from the three hosting plans above or choose another hosting service that is also good, you can see a list of the best hosting here → 10+ Best Hosting Services in Indonesia [Cheap Really] .

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