7 advantages of a website that uses cloud hosting

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7 Pros of Websites Using Cloud Hosting – More and more websites are now switching to being hosted on the cloud, not shared hosting in general, so there's reason to be questioned about what's good about cloud hosting. The numbers speak for themselves. Forbes calculations confirm that by 2020, 83% of the world's companies will be […]

7 Pros of Websites Using Cloud Hosting – Nowadays more and more websites are switching to being hosted on the cloud, not shared hosting in general, so there’s reason to be questioned about what’s good about cloud hosting.

The numbers speak for themselves. Forbes calculations confirm that by 2020, 83% of the world’s companies will be in the cloud.

Today Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon, CloudLinux OS and Microsoft are the popular cloud hosting and the masters of the cloud-based hosting market in the world. Are you looking to move your website to Cloud Hosting? You can use Indonesian hosting with cloud technology which will make your website very light and secure. Here are the 5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers in Indonesia .

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Let’s take a look at what strengths make cloud hosting so attractive and if it’s really worth it and if you should move your website over to cloud hosting!

1. Hosting in the Cloud is Cheaper

The first advantage of cloud hosting is that cloud hosting is cheaper. Because you only pay a fixed amount each month is completely different from paying only for what you have used.

When your website uses cloud hosting, you only pay for the server resources you have used, not a fixed monthly fee. It’s like when you take a prepaid luxury meal plan, you only pay the restaurant bill once you’ve finished eating.

This is a very profitable option for most business owners, as you can use as much of the server resources (CPU, memory, etc.) as you want and only pay after you use them.

Meanwhile with shared hosting, if you need more resources, you should upgrade your subscription plan completely.

Overall, your costs are the same as the sum of all the server resources you take advantage of. But you need to know that in Indonesia, you still apply fees for cloud hosting services by paying monthly or annually on a regular basis like shared hosting in general, this is because in Indonesia cloud hosting services are fairly cheap.

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2. Secure Cloud Hosting

The second advantage of cloud hosting is security. You are never alone when your website is hosted on the cloud. Strong providers care enough to do everything to secure your site:

Your data doesn’t travel via physical hardware and is instead instantly uploaded to the cloud. Unlike shared hosting servers, hacker attacks and hardware issues are less daunting for hosting in the cloud.

Often hosting in the cloud comes in a bundle with embedded security checks and actions you can take. At the same time, hosting providers take their own measures to ensure your security, as they are committed to a high level of security protocols.

3. More Flexible Cloud Hosting

The third advantage of cloud hosting is that it is more flexible. The flexibility of hosting in the cloud is first demonstrated in agile payment systems, when you can only pay for the resources you use. But there are also those that offer a pay-as-you-go payment system. Where you only get what you pay for.

Another important point is that you get access to your website files from anywhere and anytime. So your employees also get flexibility in their working patterns, practices and ways of working, including working hours and geolocation.

Flexibility is also about constant renovations and new offerings of cloud services.

Based on user experience and feedback, the system is constantly being refined, and you are welcome to take advantage of new technologies and practices to increase the speed, scaling of your website, etc.

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4. Hosting on the Cloud is Scalable

The fourth advantage of cloud hosting is that it is customizable or scalable. Your website traffic (number of visitors) is one of the most important criteria which indirectly determines your level of success.

However, large traffic has side effects; in shared hosting you share a server with other websites, meaning that if your visitors continue to increase then you will face the problem of server resource shortages.

Hosting in the cloud has an invaluable advantage, scalability. This means, that you get the opportunity to increase or decrease, i.e. you have the opportunity to increase your resources to accommodate the increase in traffic and vice versa.

You can easily increase or decrease the number of processors you have, depending on the needs of your current website. Thus, you have complete control over your resource planning to avoid unnecessary abundance as well.

Another scale-related point is the fact that you are free to check the traffic concentration and deploy your website to a data center that is physically closer to the majority of your visitors. This ensures less latency than in traditional hosting.

5. Faster Cloud Hosting

The fifth advantage of cloud hosting is very good speed. Hosting in the cloud ensures faster website loading, which is vital for your visitors and traffic. It’s trivial that since cloud hosting offers data isolation, load times are reduced because data doesn’t have to travel through the hardware to reach the search browser.

Additionally, most of the well-known hosting on cloud options offer caching, which greatly reduces the load time. This is how the cache works .

If you enable caching, when your customer visits certain web pages for the first time, the HTML pages will be cached in the server history.

And the next time that same user sends an HTTP request trying to access your page, it will be loaded directly from the cache history and that is what makes content delivery much faster.

6. Hosting in the Cloud is Easier to Restore

The sixth advantage of cloud hosting is that it is easy to fix when a bad situation occurs. The success of a business lies in large part in its sustainability, which is closely related to data security. So, the continuity of your business, especially website maintenance, depends on data recovery.

Losing data can cause serious problems, the effect of the loss may be that you will lose a large amount of money until the worst is the death of your business. Cloud servers are armed with powerful data recovery tools and a very careful system, for example an automatic data backup mechanism, apart from routine scheduled backups.

If there is an unpleasant situation, whether it is a big data loss or a minor accident, you can take advantage of preventive security measures to easily recover your data.

7. WordPress is great at cloud hosting

The seventh advantage of cloud hosting is that it is suitable for the WordPress platform. If you are using WordPress, then cloud hosting is a very good choice, and it will free up all kinds of technical problems that you often faced before on shared hosting like security, backups, updates, scaling, uptime, etc. So you can spend time productively just concentrating on your business not on the technical issues of your website.

Are you currently using WordPress for your website? To make things easier for you, there is a WordPress hosting that is managed on top of the very good CloudLinux OS technology in Indonesia, namely Niagahoster and IDCloudhost .

Here are the advantages offered by using Cloud technology hosting:

  • Extreme speed, by providing absolute isolation for your website and using the best technology.
  • Elastic Scaling, ensuring your resources are adjusted according to the load of your website.
  • Backup, for absolute data protection.
  • The server uses LiteSpeed
  • There is a WP Accelerator feature
  • Caching, which makes websites load super fast.
  • and many more advantages of cloud hosting, including 24/7 customer service who is happy to answer all your questions.

And that’s 7 advantages of a website that uses cloud hosting. So, are you sure that cloud hosting is better than other types of hosting? If so, feel free to immediately migrate hosting or upgrade from shared hosting to cloud hosting, because I personally also use cloud hosting and there are many advantages that I get from using cloud hosting.

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