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Best and Cheap Niagahoster Hosting for Your Business Site – Are you a businessperson? Need an online store website, company profile, personal blog, company, portfolio, or for various other types of business websites? That's right if you visit this blog. To create any type of web, you not only need a domain, you should also buy your own hosting. […]

Best and Cheap Niagahoster Hosting for Your Business Site – Are you a businessman? Need an online store website , company profile, personal blog, company, portfolio, or for various other types of business websites? That’s right if you visit this blog. To create any type of web, you not only need a domain, you should also buy your own hosting.

Indeed, basically, just by owning a domain you can associate with blogger as free hosting? But it has many limitations and your data doesn’t feel safe because you are just hitchhiking, where all policies are regulated by Google and Google can delete your data anytime.

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The solution is you have to use self-hosted WordPress to create your business website. With the WordPress platform, you can be freer in managing the web because there are more complete features available. To be able to create a WordPress-based website, you are required to buy hosting first and can get hosting features that are much more complete and have complete control over your website later.

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For beginners, maybe they still don’t understand about what is hosting?

Hosting or what is also known as web hosting is a place to store all kinds of needs for a website, be it images, text, or other files so that they can be online in cyberspace or the internet. If likened, hosting is an apartment that can be rented. Usually the minimum rental for hosting is 6 months, but there are several hosting providers that provide rent per month. But generally it is per year.

LiteSpeed WordPress Niagahoster

Choosing a hosting is not an easy matter, you have to be careful in making your choice. If you get the wrong choice, then be prepared that your website will be in trouble at a later date. These problems vary, including inaccessible web, slow loading, server errors, and a number of other problems. Therefore, to maximize the performance of your web business, choose the best quality hosting.

And for users in Indonesia, there is a good web hosting service company that you can use, namely Niagahoster, as the Best Web Hosting solution for your Business Site.

Niagahoster is a hosting provider in Indonesia with the best quality that has adopted the latest technology, namely LiteSpeed which provides faster response. No worries!

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What is LiteSpeed and why should the hosting you use support it?

LiteSpeed is a new web server technology that has high performance and is even claimed to be able to increase the speed 6X faster than Apache and be able to process PHP 50X faster. Apart from being able to increase the speed many times faster on the website, LiteSpeed is also equipped with various features and an easy-to-use web administration dashboard. LiteSpeed Web Server can help you to build an effective and reliable website infrastructure.

LiteSpeed Web Server Niagahoster

The web software is always updated from year to year, therefore we need a web server that is capable of handling loads when running web scripts, databases and various kinds of files on the web, here LiteSpeed Web Server has reliable performance in terms of speed and scalability. handle a given burden ‘.

LiteSpeed Web Server is also ideal for use with several CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and so on. This makes all users feel that LiteSpeed is perfect for running their business website because the average web user builds a website on the WordPress platform.

LiteSpeed is now a web server that is considered as a component for building websites. So for those of you who are currently researching which web hosting is good, of course the answer is web hosting that is already using LiteSpeed and Niagahoster already uses the LiteSpeed web server for their servers.

The best niagahoster web hosting uses advanced technology to maintain server stability. They are already using supermicro servers with strong performance to support your website to stay online. With up to 99.98% uptime and the brave merchant guarantees a fast response time for more optimal website performance.

In addition to being suitable for building business websites, hosting on niagahoster is also suitable for various kinds of websites and is often used for business hosting . Not only offers hosting, but at this poster, you can also buy a domain and SSL certificate. So what are the advantages of this merchant’s web hosting?

Niagahoster hosting the best and cheap

1. Affordable Prices

For those of you who have a limited budget, it is very appropriate to choose Niagahoster hosting services because this hosting service has many packages for various needs. For the cheapest package, you can just pay starting from 8,000 / month. And for business packages you only need to pay IDR 84,000 per month. But if you want to test it first, you can just try the 6 months. Niagahoster besides being a quality cheap hosting option, you will also get a free domain for one year.

2. Fast and Reliable Servers

The hosting server really determines how the website itself performs. If you need hosting with a fast and reliable server, then Niagahoster is the right choice. Niagahoster uses the LiteSpeed Fastest web server, a Green Data Center Tier-4 with international standard and is owned by DCI Indonesia, which is part of Equinox as the best data center provider in the world.

With this data center, it will guarantee your web hosting, including for online web stores, will have an uptime performance of up to 99.999%. And for WordPress users, Niagahoster also adds the WordPress Accelerator feature for faster website loading and optimal website performance, guaranteeing the speed and smoothness of your WordPress-based website.

There are also various kinds of hosting packages for small scale such as shared hosting, cloud hosting , VPS hosting and even dedicated servers. You don’t need to be confused anymore about what type of hosting you want to use to meet your website needs.

3. Support 24/7

I’m a beginner, confused about not knowing how to order, pay for, and activate the hosting that I bought. I am completely unfamiliar with this. No need to worry, if you experience something like that, leave it to the Niagahoster support team who are ready to help you 24 hours and 7 days a week non-stop. You can contact customer service via live chat, telephone, email, and also support tickets.

4. Advanced Server Security

Many are concerned about the security of a website that uses WordPress hosting, when compared to the blogger platform, which is guaranteed by Google. But for niagahoster, you don’t need to worry because your website will run on the CloudLinux OS server which is the best platform to increase server stability and security.

With this OS each account will be isolated and assigned its own server resources. This creates an atmosphere that will feel like a virtual server rather than a shared hosting account and also added extra security systems such as CageFS for your cPanel security and BitNinja Smart Server Security which can protect your website from DDos, Spam, hackers, and also malware attacks.

5. There is an Attractive Commission

Apart from spending money on buying hosting on Niagahoster, as a partner at Niagahoster you can also get additional income. Indeed, this cannot be used as your main income, but there is nothing wrong with adding and adding to your income, right? How to?

Namely through affiliate commissions. To do this, you can simply invite other people to use the Niagahoster Web Hosting service through the affiliate link that you have. If you can get this person to buy one or more of the services on the poster, they will get a sales commission of 70%. How cool is that?

6. Get a Free Domain and SSL

For those of you who buy a web hosting package, you will get a free domain and SSL certificate . Without the need to add a dime. As knowledge, domain is a unique website address name given to identify computer servers such as web servers or email servers on the internet. Meanwhile, SSL is a security protocol that will make your website much more secure from various attacks. Active SSL is marked with a website that can be accessed using the https: // prefix.

7. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Don’t worry, if you really don’t fit the Niagahoster hosting performance, you can ask for a refund or a refund. Not only 50%, all the money that you have paid will be back in your hands within 30 days.

For a businessman, of course, it is very important to have your own business website. Apart from being freer, you don’t worry about the many rules. To start building a successful business website, quality hosting is needed. Starting from a slick business website makes your prospective clients interested in visiting frequently and also buying the services or products that you offer on your website.

Especially if the product or service that you offer is really high quality and is supported by friendly service to guaranteed customers, buyers will not turn to your competitors. And as a result, the business that you run can get lots of orders and provide lots of benefits. Want to be successful in the online business field? One way is to have a strong and professional business website supported by hosting services from Niagahoster .

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And that’s my explanation of the best and cheap hosting service, Niagahoster for your business website that you can use. Hopefully this article was useful for you and provided the best hosting solution for you. Good luck and good luck 🙂

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