5 Best Anti Adblock Plugins For WordPress

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5 Best Anti Adblock Plugins For WordPress – Being a blogger, most of them make money from advertising, and the ad program they run often is Google AdSense. But nowadays many internet users install adblocker software to remove advertisements on the web browsers they use when they visit websites or blogs. Indeed with […]

5 Best Anti Adblock Plugins For WordPress – Being bloggers, most of them make money from advertising, and the ad program they run often is Google AdSense. But nowadays many internet users install adblocker software to remove advertisements on the web browsers they use when they visit websites or blogs.

Indeed, installing Adblocker will benefit users because they will be free from annoying advertisements and without any visible advertisements it will make the browsing experience faster. However, this will be very detrimental on the side of blog owners who rely on advertisements as their income, with the increasing number of users using adblock, automatically many visitors do not see ads and this can reduce the blog owner’s income significantly.

If you are a blogger who relies on revenue from ads such as Google AdSense , then you have to find a solution to deal with visitors using adblockers so that your blog’s AdSense revenue doesn’t decrease. Because it can be a big loss for blog owners who have spent time and thought on creating quality content but don’t get feedback from visitors.

For example sites like Forbes use anti-adblcoker to ensure that their ads are visible to readers and if the adblocker is active, their content will be locked, and will not be displayed. And it makes sense because regularly creating good quality content is not easy, it takes a lot of research, skill and time and if your ad is not visible your revenue will drop in the long run.

For WordPress users, you will find lots of plugins that you can choose to block Adblock users from turning off their addons or adblock extensions when visiting your blog. And here are some Anti Adblock plugins for WordPress.

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AdBlock X

Adblock X plugin

AdBlock X is a free WordPress anti adBlock plugin that offers comprehensive anti-adblocker features. You can have detailed ideas about unique visitors, returning visitors and pageviews with active ad blockers.

You can also have a detailed idea of the percentage of users who turn off the speaker. You can have detailed statistics about users, multiple ad creators and reactions with a graphical representation.

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With this AdBlock X plugin you will have the option to provide rules for visitors with Adblock to ask them to whitelist your site which will show ads. This plugin is equipped with a nice interface and is easy in terms of setup and setup, with this plugin is also guaranteed to work flawlessly on your WordPress site.

Download the plugin

Simple Adblock Notice

Simple Adblock Notice

Simple Adblock Notice is a simple WordPress anti Adblock plugin that will display a popup for visitors that activate the ad blocker browser extension and warn visitors to whitelist your blog site.

Indeed this is not an anti adblock plugin but the plugin only detects users using Adblock plus and notifies your website visitors to whitelist your website from the adblocker extension. The plugin has a time setting for displaying warning popups.

Download the plugin

Anti Adblock AdSpace

Adspaces Anti adblock plugin

Anti Adblock AdSpace is another free WordPress anti adblock plugin that is quite effective, innovative and flexible. You may lose a lot of advertisers and revenue from the ads you put up.

This plugin will help you to make sure that your site is good enough to handle ad blockers, it will work flawlessly and will increase your eCPM up to 2X than before.

Download the plugin

Ad Blocking Detector

Ad Blocking detector plugin

This WordPress anti adblock plugin will intelligently determine which visitors are using the adblocker in their browser and ensure that they are viewing another set of content to avoid free space. The plugin offers the option to assign two different content types to a section, one for users without adblockers and one for adblocker users.

Download the plugin

Adblock Notify

Adblock notify plugin

Adblcok Notify is a simple and effective anti adblock WordPress plugin. Good enough to detect users using adblocker and display special message to visitors to disable the adblock they use. The plugin is mobile friendly, and you can take advantage of this plugin on any type of device.

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The plugin comes with its dashboard where you can view detailed statistics on how many users are using adblock, how many disabled it at your request, to make sure the plugin works flawlessly.

You get the option to custom code the plugins by adding your custom CSS to ensure that you can easily change the appearance of the plugins according to your needs.

Download the plugin

The WordPress anti adblock plugins mentioned above will work perfectly to ensure you can identify adblocker users or users with ad-blocking addons and ensure that your ad or content is also visible to those users. Hopefully this article is useful for you and blog income from advertising will increase. Good luck 🙂

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