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10Web – A Service That Provides Everything for WordPress

10Web – A Service That Provides Everything For WordPress – WordPress users are always spoiled by the many services provided by several companies or third party developers that handle the need for WordPress, in fact many of the best hosting companies design their servers specifically to run WordPress to run and work with them. maximum. In addition, with WordPress making […]
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The complete guide on how to disable WordPress comment fields

The Complete Guide on How to Disable WordPress Comments Columns - Comments have many benefits for blogs, there are many reasons why blogs should enable comment fields. Comments can turn monologues into discussions and build community. Apart from that, comments can also give a little boost to SEO as an index for search engines. So, what is the reason you want to disable comments in WordPress? […]
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WP ERP – Complete Business Management Solution For WordPress

Do you want to take your business in a bigger direction? If so, then to facilitate all of your business management such as human resource management, customer relationship management, project management and financial management, your company must be handled by sophisticated tools with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions. Here I will introduce to you a tool [...]
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