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Are Blogs Still Promising in 2022?

Are Blogs Still Promising in 2022? – Many people, especially those who are planning to enter the world of bloggers, question whether the blogging profession is still promising in 2022. They question whether in the next year a blogger can make a lot of money. The question is of course not without reason. Based on data from Google Trends, interest trends […]
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The complete guide on how to disable WordPress comment fields

The Complete Guide on How to Disable WordPress Comments Columns - Comments have many benefits for blogs, there are many reasons why blogs should enable comment fields. Comments can turn monologues into discussions and build community. Apart from that, comments can also give a little boost to SEO as an index for search engines. So, what is the reason you want to disable comments in WordPress? […]
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5+ Best CMS To Make A Website in 2021

5+ Best CMS To Build A Website in 2021 - Content plays a major role in the journey of building information expansion and even helps with your digital marketing, online presence and brand. Without content, you will struggle very hard in the cruel world of business like today. In fact, digital marketing is arguably one of the most important fields of eCommerce […]
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